Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia launch joint search for missing Peruvian lightplane

The police of Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia launched joint search for the lightplane missing in the south of Peru on June 10, general director of the National Police of Peru (PNP) General Miguel Hidalgo said on Monday.

The plane, of Cessna Grand Caravan type, took off from the airport of Nazca in Ica department, some 600 kilometers south to Lima, with a pilot, a copilot and seven passengers aboard.

The plane was aimed to fly for 40 minutes over the Nazca Lines, which is one of the main tourist attractions of Peru.

The plane did not return to the airport within the established time and it was thought that it could have had an accident, so the authorities began the searching works later, but there were no signs of accident.

There was no report of any problem from the plane, so the strange circumstance of its disappearance led to think of a hijack. The plane had more than 200 gallons of fuel, which will allow the plane to fly for some six to seven hours.

During the investigations it was discovered that the passengers presented fake IDs.

Hidalgo said the agents of the collaborating countries, as well as the

International Police (Interpol) are on alert state.

“We have different hypotheses. The investigation is going on and we keep contact with agents of the police of other countries and the Interpol,” Hidalgo said.

Source: Xinhua


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