Election Law in Bolivia Outlaws Political Harassment

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06La Paz, Jun 14 (Prensa Latina) The new Bolivian Election Law santions political harassment as one of the 16 offences in the midst of elections, Monica Novillo, in charge of advocacy and lobbying for the Coordinadora de la Mujer, said.

  According to Novillo that bill, about to enter into force, after the commission of constitution passed it to Senate for the definite analysis, will provide greater support for women candidates.

According to the bill the person which harasses a candidate during or after the elections with the objective of getting his or her resignation of his or her nomination for office against his or her will, shall be shall be punished with imprisonment from two to five years.

Novillo praised the incorporation of political harassment in the Election Law project because it is a reality denounced since many years ago.

She said that according to reports of the Association of Councilwomen of Bolivia (ACOBOL) in the last five years were recorded more than 200 denounces for political harassment. According to official records: from the 1. 831 municipal councillors elected last April 4, 785 are women, which represent the 43 percent.

The Election Law is one of the five bills to be approved by Parliament before July 22.

Source: Prensa Latina


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